South Korea Drone Laws and Regulations

There are not too many rules in South Korea for flying drone. Check the following list before flying your drone in this beautiful country. NO flying at night-time (from sunset to sunrise) NO flying near airfields (within 9.3kilometers) NO flying over crowded venues (eg, sports stadium, concert hall) NO flying in restricted zones (eg. DMZ)

Antarctica Drone Laws and Regulations

The use of UAVs/drones is currently the subject of much discussion by the Antarctic community. IAATO is cautioning all potential travellers to Antarctica, who are hoping to fly a drone, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), to check with their travel agent or tour operator before packing their device. If you own a drone, you are

India Drone Laws and Regulations

In India, drones are technically banned primarily since the government was worried about them being used in potential terrorist attacks. They are also worried about them being used to spy on government installations, or having operators fly them to close to airports and cause interference with aircraft.   You have permission from the owner of

Denmark Drone Laws and Regulations

Denmark new rules mean that anyone who owns a drone over 250 grams must register. Also the drone owner shall ensure comprehensive liability insurance for drones over 250 grams.   According to the implanting rules, there are four categories of small drones: Category 1A: less than 1.5 kg Category 1B: between 1.5 and 7 kg

Mexico Drone Laws and Regulations

Mexico does not have many rules for drones under 2kg. Above this weight, you need to register your UAV. One more thing you should notice is CUSTOM. if you unlucky, can be charged 30% tax/VAT based on your drone’s retail price. Max Height Maximum height your drone can fly is 122 meters (400ft)   Permission