Area: Europe

Denmark Drone Laws and Regulations

Denmark new rules mean that anyone who owns a drone over 250 grams must register. Also the drone owner shall ensure comprehensive liability insurance for drones over 250 grams.   According to the implanting rules, there are four categories of small drones: Category 1A: less than 1.5 kg Category 1B: between 1.5 and 7 kg

Russia Drone Laws and Regulations

Russia allows the use of unmanned aircraft and unmanned aircraft systems or their elements that have a starting mass of less than 30km without preliminary certification and operational registration. All previously existing qualification requirements for aviation personnel who operate these drones are removed, and no professional licenses are required for their operators if the drones

Spain Drone Laws and Regulations

In Spain, if you fly drone as an amateur hobbyist, nonprofit organization, it’s Ok but MUST obey the following rules. You must have full responsibility for your flight in regards to people and property. Don’t Don’t fly your drone in urban areas or crowds of people(eg, wedding party, populated zones) Don’t fly your drone in

United Kingdom Drone Laws and Regulations

Small unmanned aircraft are now widely available for commercial use. More popularly known as drones, just like many other devices, they can cause injury or damage if they are not used responsibly and so are subject to specific safety rules relating to the way they are operated, which are underpinned by UK law. Anyone flying