Area: Oceania

Fiji Drone Laws and Regulations

Flying drones for commercial purposes requires permission in Fiji. In addition, be sure to follow the below Fiji drone laws when flying for commercial use. Drone use is allowed in Argentina, but you must first get permission to operate. Contact information to contact the Fiji aviation authority and gain permission to fly is located at the bottom

New Zealand Drone laws and Regulations

The New Zealand rules changed on 1 August 2015. The CAA’s leaflet on the rule changes which introduces the new Part 102 Operator Certificate. Part 101 only applies to RPAS of 25 kg and under that can fully comply with the rules in Part 101. To operate any aircraft over this weight, and for operations

Australia Drone Laws and Regulations

Australia’s safety laws for drones, or more technically correct, remotely piloted aircraft (RPA), as defined in the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations Part 101, vary whether you are flying commercially or recreationally/for fun. When flying drones or model aircraft recreationally, you need to follow these simple drone rules to keep everyone safe. No night flying. No