Denmark Drone Laws and Regulations

Denmark new rules mean that anyone who owns a drone over 250 grams must register. Also the drone owner shall ensure comprehensive liability insurance for drones over 250 grams.


According to the implanting rules, there are four categories of small drones:
Category 1A: less than 1.5 kg
Category 1B: between 1.5 and 7 kg
Category 2: between 7 and 25 kg
Category 3: between 250 grammes and 25 kg and operating BVLOS (beyond visual line of site)
For categories 1B and 2, the drone pilots must have had at least 15 successful flights in populated areas.
For category 3, the pilot must have had 50 successful flights in populated areas evenly spaced throughout the last 12 months.


Rules overview

  1. Do not fly your drone over 100 meters high (328 feet)
  2. Do not fly your drone over people, crowds, or public roads
  3. Do not fly your drone near power plants, or any other area that could cause concern among local authorities
  4. Distance to the lanes on the public aerodromes must be at least 5km and at military air bases at least 8km.
  5. Distance to major public roads and urban areas must be at least 150 m .
  6. Drones must give way to all manned aircraft.




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