Where can I purchase a good drone

There are many types of consumer drones on the market. If you want a drone, you should know not all drones are easy to fly and also not ready to fly. We are here recommend drone from DJI only. WHY? Because DJI’s drones are AWESOM!


DJI Spark is a selfie drone that takes off from the operator’s hand and automatically enters “Gesture Mode”, which lets users send it into the air and shoot a video with pre-defined flight paths, like circling, following, or filming from straight up.

With it’s gesture recognition and obstacle avoidance technology, it’s not an exaggeration to say that DJI’s Spark is probably the most user-friendly drone on the market.

If you want to fly longer distances with the Spark you have the option of using a smartphone app for flights over 100 yards away, or you can use a remote control (the Spark can fly a distance of 1.2 miles). The Intelligent Flight Modes available with more professional DJI drones—such as TapFly and ActiveTrack—can also be found on the Spark.

DJI SPARK currently for sell on DJI.com, ORDER HERE

DJI SPARK currently for sell on DJI.com, ORDER HERE




If you’re one of the many who has invested in high quality camera drones in the last few years you have probably found yourself in one of the following scenarios; I) You have found yourself grumpily lugging a heavy case around when out in the park with your kids or exploring a new country, just to get those stunning and unique aerial shots. II) Your cumbersome drone is lying dusty in some cupboard because you feel too inconvenienced by its size when you leave the house.

Let’s say, however, that you could step out of these scenarios while still having a camera drone with intelligent features and capable of high quality images. Envision a camera drone that can fit into a small DSLR sized camera bag. A bag that can be easily carried over one shoulder, weighing no more than 2-3 pounds including a few batteries. You can take your drone out of the bag no problem and have it flying within 15 seconds. There is no need to install propellers or be fumbling with smartphone cables. Envision a camera drone that you can just pull out of your bag, unfold, turn on and launch into the air.

This is exactly what DJI envisioned with its foldable drone Mavic Pro. Some of you may be thinking that portability inevitably means inferior hardware, low quality camera capabilities and so on – however the Mavic Pro dispels those beliefs. With its foldable design and advanced features, DJI’s Mavic Pro brings you the best of both worlds – portability and intelligence.

DJI MAVIC PRO currently for sell on DJI.com, ORDER HERE

DJI MAVIC PRO currently for sell on DJI.com, ORDER HERE



PHANTOM 4 Advanced/Pro

When the original Phantom 4 was released earlier 2016, reviewers felt DJI had pretty much reached the pinnacle of how much-advanced technology could be packed into a mid-priced consumer/prosumer drone: 4K video, forward obstacle avoidance – plus a host of intelligent features. It was extolled as the smartest, the fastest – the best.

Now…there’s something better.

The Phantom 4 Pro takes the proven P4 and ups the ante in pretty much every single category, including:

  1. Camera
  2. Obstacle avoidance
  3. Safety and redundancy
  4. Power and flight time
  5. Video transmission
  6. Intelligence

Most consumer-level Camera Drones use bitrates of 20-50 Mbps with the Phantom 4 (plain) topping out at 60. Sports cameras such as the GoPro Hero are also in the range of 45-60 Mbps. All of these cameras shoot still photos in the range of 12MP – or 4000 x 3000 resolution.


The Intelligent Flight Modes of the Phantom 4 Advanced give it the versatility and intuitiveness needed to aid professional aerial imaging. These include Draw, Gesture, an upgraded TapFly, Tripod, Terrain Follow and an upgraded ActiveTrack.

The DJI Phantom 4 Advanced comes with an optional controller that has an integrated high luminance display. This display monitor gives the users a live HD view from the main camera as well as essential telemetry data, even in direct sunlight. The new controller has a built-in GPS, compass, micro SD card slot and HDMI port.

DJI Phantom 4 Advanced/Pro currently for sell on DJI.com, ORDER HERE

DJI Phantom 4 Advanced/Pro currently for sell on DJI.com, ORDER HERE